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The Artist & Designer

Sandy Michel is the Founder of La Petite Doe, who happens to be a female neurodivergent. She has a background in design, art, creating spaces, and sustainable methods. Sandy holds a Bachelor's degree in Architecture and a Master's degree. She is currently an artist, content creator and does design-related projects for other companies, but her favorite role is being the Founder of La Petite Doe.



Welcome to La Petite Doe; I am happy you are here! I am the Founder of this small company that started on 25 August 2020. I started designing in 2008, much earlier, when I was studying for my Bachelor's. I realized that I needed the freedom to create and do art. Art was the outlet I needed to break from the restrictive rules of Architecture. Since then, I have always found a way to express this intuitive desire to design anything and everything. I have created art for people, designed and painted set backgrounds for children's talent shows (for seven years), wedding programs, event posters, brochures, social media content, calendars, renderings, and t-shirt designs. I love to learn different art genres, which gives me the freedom of art expression that I crave. Creating comes naturally to me; whether I am creating spaces or a brochure, I love it all!

I have always been interested in how spaces with different colors, materials, and furnishings affect how we interact with our habitation and others. During my studies, I won a research grant to study two topics independently. The first involved the human body's behavior movements with constraints and the second on the scale determinant to design. My independent studies taught me that creating spaces is critical to how one will interact with an area.

Designing spaces start as broad as a city and narrow down to rooms in a home. In the past, I have worked as an urban planner, architectural designer, and interior architectural designer; I have professional experience in all areas of designing spaces. I understand how important it is to find your home identity. When you enter your house, you should feel happy, relaxed, and excited to enter your home. Your house shall be your paradise, regardless if you work from home, have a 9 to 5, or are a nomadic traveler. Here at La Petite Doe, we believe that it is so important to have a space of your own, and that is what we will help you do. We provide small, well-designed items that enhance your home identity.

Your home identity is important to us here at La Petite Doe. I hope you find my designs and artwork pleasing enough to add to your home identity. My inspirations for my designs and artwork are nature, textures, patterns, the built environment, boho, traveling, historical items, and the sun. I welcome you to the Doe Family! I hope you love what we have to offer.




Interested in an art commission, sold-out art print, collaboration, or just want to say hi? Send an email for any inquiries you might have. Contact us here.


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