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La Petite Doe is a design-based company, we create and house designs for home décor and accessories, furniture, art prints, and more. We are a lifestyle for people who love modern and bohemian living spaces. If you are looking for unique, beautiful designs that will add to your home identity, La Petite Doe is the place for you!

Not only do we create items for the home; La Petite Doe believes that everyone should give back to a community that benefits others. Our goal is to spread awareness of Neurodiversity and inequality in the workplace. Here at La Petite Doe, we believe diversity makes us stronger! To find out more about how La Petite plans to bring awareness, click here. Thank you!

We aim to provide you with

beautiful, high-quality products to have the BEST living experience.

 "Have nothing in your house which you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful."   -William Morris


About the


The name La Petite Doe is a combination of French and English. 'La petite' translated to English is 'small', which is what we are all about. This company is about adding small unique home accessories to your spaces. The products we sell are art prints, mugs, comforters, small furniture pieces, lighting, candles, throw blankets, décor, and more. These small furniture pieces and items fill up your space to help create your 'home identity'.

At La Petite Doe, we hand-select long-lasting products. We strive to select items you will enjoy throughout the year. All of our products are timeless and will make you happy!

Three reasons why La Petite Doe is for you!

01. Unique Designs

02. Quality Pieces

03. Shopping made easy

The Founder

Sandy Michel is the Founder of La Petite Doe, who happens to be a female neurodivergent. She has a background in design, art, creating spaces, and sustainable methods. Sandy holds a Bachelor's degree in Architecture and a Master's degree. She is currently an artist, content creator and does design-related projects for other companies, but her favorite role is being the Founder of La Petite Doe.

This company started with the desire of the founder wanting to share her passions with the world. If you want to get to know the founder, click here

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