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Here at La Petite Doe, we want to bring awareness to Neurodiversity and inequality to individuals in the workplace.

This desire to bring awareness at La Petite Doe comes from the experience the Founder went through. Despite the founders' success on paper, finding sustainable employment was proven to be complicated. Finding a job that would honor her reasonable accommodations seemed impossible in the Design field because of the lack of awareness of neurodiverse people in the workplace.


"Be the change you want to see in the world." -Mahatma Gandhi

Like the quote from Gandhi, La Petite Doe wants to be the change we wish to see in the world. We hope to grow this company to bring awareness to neurodiverse individuals that work in the design field.

What is Neurodiversity?

'Neurodiversity' means the range of an individual brain function and behavioral traits that read as abnormal. The word 'Neurodiversity' started with a way to describe individuals with Autistic Spectrum Disorder or, at the time, Asperger's Syndrome. The term has been broadened to include individuals of other neurodiversities. This includes dyslexia, dyscalculia, epilepsy, hyperlexia, dyspraxia, ADHD, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), and Tourette syndrome (TS). Neurodiversity is also a term used to describe 'invisible disability' because many symptoms that neurodiverse individuals experience is not physically seen. Many individuals have a hard time explaining their experiences with others, unaware of their conditions. Finding work is hard for neurodiverse individuals because of a lack of awareness. Many neurodivergents are academically successful, having Bachelors, Masters, or Ph.D.'s but still struggle to be independent.

Companies do not generate an environment for neurodiverse individuals even though they must provide reasonable accommodation by law. This company wants to spread awareness of how working with neurodiverse individuals will improve the workspace and the overall core values. Many accommodation requests from individuals under the neurodiversity umbrella will help the company as a whole—requirements like writing clear Standards of Operations, having quiet areas to work in, and hybrid working (working from home on some days). Providing clear instructions on how the company runs, having more peaceful areas and flexible workspaces, employees become more productive. Before hiring an individual, it would help if companies made the interview process transparent by letting them know what to expect. These are simple changes that could improve the company by increasing work productivity, happy, loyal employees, and easy transitions for potential new employees.

With your support, we will spread awareness to encourage others to hire more creative neurodiverse individuals. We also would like to support research studies that improve the current statistics and data on Neurodiverse individuals. La Petite Doe wants to be an Ambassador of Neurodiversity by educating different companies on enhancing the work environment for their employees. Here are some links to find groups that help spread awareness to neurodiverse individuals:

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There is a ton of information on the website, and the Founder is also Neurodiverse,

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