Love on the Spectrum: Review from a Neurodiverse Person Part II

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Season Two

Written By: Danyla Etienne



Love on the spectrum is a dating show based in Australia about seven autistic young adults leaping headfirst into the dating pool. They nervously embrace the frustratingly unpredictable world of love and relationships. 

After the first season ended, I was excited to see some of the same people from the last season. I hoped we would still follow their journey to love, and the show did not disappoint. 


Once again, the show started with Michael. His hunger for love makes him easily a favorite of the show. This season he starts off going to a speed dating event with neurotypicals. He ended up going on a date with the only person there that happened to have autism as well. They were a huge hit.




They went on a few dates and met each other’s families.

Overall seemed perfect for each other. Unfortunately, she got busy with school, and Michael started to feel like they didn’t have a romantic attraction, so they parted ways. At the show’s end, he decided to search for love on hold and let love come to him.


Ronan is one of my personal favorites on the show. He describes himself as a kind, generous, polite man to everyone. He expressed his love for race cars and music throughout the show. 


He has his first date on the show, and he continues to date her throughout the whole show. 

At some point they even become boyfriend and girlfriend. 

They are the only couple in the show to do so and stay together.


Kassandra is 27, and at some point, describes herself to date as someone who has “high functioning” autism. 

The first date, she had to leave early due to anxiety, and her second went well, but by the end of the show, she had gone on two dates with her second date, but now they are just friends.




Mark is another to return on the show. He goes on a date with a new girl but doesn’t feel attracted to her. 

Later he goes on a date with someone from the last season. They saw each other on season one and thought they would be a great match.


Chloe and Mark went on a few dates. They are such a cute couple. 

Mark had his first kiss, and they became boyfriend and girlfriend on the show.

They went to Christmas together as a couple, which was very cute.

Unfortunately, they informed us that they did not work out when the show ended, which was devastating for my friends and me. 


Teo is 22 and is really into politics, the environment, and animals. Teo is also on the spectrum, as well as ADHD. During the show, she struggles with her sexual identity.

 Her first date was with a man.

 She had a great time but then realized when she is on a date with a woman, she has a different type of nervousness that leads her to believe that she probably likes women more than men.  

They both became a couple off of the show and declared their love for one another. Now they are taking things more slowly.


Sharnae and Jimmy come back on the show. 

We can see him compete in his pool tournament in Las Vegas. 

Sharnae was very excited to be able to go to America because it was a lifelong dream of hers. 

We were also able to see their wedding which was also a special treat. A beautiful sunflower wedding.




Jayden is into Olympic weightlifting, large words, and social etiquette. He also has a brother on the spectrum as well. I hope to see his brother on dates on the next season. Jayden is bisexual so during the show he goes on one date with a girl and another with a boy. 



The date he went on with the boy went well. 

When the show was ending, we found out that they went on another date and things are going well.

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