Top 5 Items That Will Make This 2022 Winter Season A Cozy One

Posted by Sandy Michel on

Oh, baby it is cold outside! So why not get cozy with some of these fantastic products that will keep you warm and comfortable. Here at La Petite Doe, we made it easy for you by listing our best cozy products. Here are five ways at three price points to stay cozy this season:


A. Loyale Lounge Chair - Twilight; $1,179.00. 
B. Sable 3-Seater Sofa - Jungle Green; $2,290.00. 
C. Boho Cotton Macrame Hammock-Natural; $79.49. 

A. Charcoal Diamond Cashmere Throw; $340.00. 
B. Desert Turkish Towel; $36.00. 
C. Derin Turkish Towel; $50.00. 

A. Eva Solo - Pour-Over Coffee Maker, 1.0L; $159.20. 
B. Aubrie, Color Changing Mug; $22.00. 
C. Eva Solo - Urban To-Go Cups, 12oz; $72.00. 

A. Mahogany Teakwood Scented Candle; $30.00. 
B. Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser 100ml Metal Art Aromatherapy Air Mist Humidifier; $75.00. 
C. La Petite Doe Scented Candle, 9oz; $25.75. 

A. Saturn Ottoman/Pouf - Oak Brown; $309.00. 
B. Cushion Cover-Boho Textured Single Sided-Mosman-40cm x 55cm; $71.54. 
C. Relaxing Pillow Mist; from $14.00


Have fun browsing through all our best cozy items!

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