Inside a Boho Japanese Inspired London Apartment Where Sleek Clean Design Meets Color and Pattern

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As we enter a new year, many people want to change their spaces, and new spaces are being created. Every home style is being upgraded, mixed, and blended to make the house functional and pretty to look at. New styles that have emerged recently combine mid-century with boho or the new Japandi style. Japandi is a fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetics with functional minimalism. This aesthetics focuses on using materials in both the emotional and functional way. The use of woods textures and stains helps the person entering the space feel calm. The clean lines, well-crafted spaces, and furniture feel subtle but grand. Japandi takes simple living into an art form.

Bohemian (aka boho) is bold, colorful, patterns, good vibes, and free-spirited. It incites the feeling of joy, happiness, and energy to a space. Boho-style spaces are not afraid to use bright colors, unique furniture pieces, and exciting art. Another word for boho is the individualist. An individualist will denote the social theory favoring freedom of action for the mass majority. La Petite Doe will take this even further and say that the space is perfectly designed for the people living and occupying the space. Boho should not just mean textures and colors that are bright. But rather spaces so unique to the individual that no other space could compare.

Minimalism is a style that uses the fewest and simplest elements to create a space that allows your mind to breathe. Minimalism is in art; when we look at history, we see artists using less realism and focusing on the essence of feeling, nature, relationships, and more. Artists start to realize that you can convey and provoke the same emotion without needing to paint a realistic painting. Instead, art became simple but also made a huge statement. We also see this shift in Architecture. We went from ornate buildings in Art Nouveau to Gothic and then Modern arrived. Modern was a style that removed the ideal of beautifully ornate and focused on creating spaces through materiality, size, position, and use. Minimalism is just a step further, pushing the idea of not needing things to make a beautiful space and focusing on the space alone and deeming that beautiful.

With such contrasting definitions, how does one create a space that has them all? Well, balance while using the key points that make them work. Using the well-crafted sleek side of Japandi, using the bold, colorful patterns as pops of intrigue and, using fewer elements from minimalism. Making the spaces feel both calm and happy. Allowing pops of energy throughout the spaces.

A good example is a Never to Small YouTube video, Labeled " 29m2/318sqf - Boho Japanese Micro London Apartment." In this apartment, the interior combines the sleek designs from Japandi while adding pops of textures and colors with boho. The Architects John Proctor and Mike Shaw designed this apartment, and their design is featured in this video for their beautiful works. To find more on them, click here.

The quality of the spaces in this apartment is functional and appropriate to the users’ best quality of life. I believe that is why Never Too Small selected this project to cover. Never Too Small is a company that focuses on well-designed small spaces that debunk the idea that you need an extensive home to feel at home. La Petite Doe supports the company’s ideology that space is never too small to be well-designed. We believe that any space can be tailored to fit your home identity; how one designs their space helps dictate good design.

Here are some furniture pieces from the video that you may want to add to your home:

F. June Sunset Stretched Canvas; 16"x 12"; $57.25.
G. Sphere Table Lamp; $377.00
H. Maïa Dining Chair - Walnut & Boucle Fabric; $757.00.
I. Cushion Cover-Boho Textured Single Sided-Moon Lover; $71.54.
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